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Technology Innovations in Canada

The high-tech sector in Canada is becoming increasingly involved in research and development and has introduced technology innovations that boost economic growth. More and more entrepreneurs choose sectors such as advanced manufacturing, life sciences, information and communication technology, and clean energy. Entrepreneurs working on high-tech projects are offered financial incentives, research and development tax credits, advisory, incubator resources, and collaborations with educational institutions.


This order ahead and pickup up platform enables users to order meals and coffee and skip the wait. The platform offers employer-paid meal credits that can be used for weekend meals, after-hours dinners, lunch, and breakfast. Users are offered the chance to collect loyalty points that can be used toward free food and coffee and discounts. The company has already expanded to London, England, Sydney, Australia, and the U.S., working with more than 2,500 coffee shops and diners and operating in 40 cities around the world.

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Developed as a collaboration and communication platform for teams, Slack is a handy tool to share files, edit documents, call or message groups or individual users, and customize notifications. The app offers chat rooms and allows users to create channels by project or topic, making it easier to manage the workflow. The app can be integrated with other tools such as Zendesk, Twitter, Asana, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Google Drive. More and more businesses are using Slack, including companies and institutions such as Shopify, 21st Century Fox, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Away, Zapier.

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Based in Toronto, Ontario, Wave specializes in payment, payroll, invoicing, and accounting software. Their advanced accounting software features multiple functionalities such as credit card and bank connections, profit and loss and cash flow reports, and more. Wave’s invoicing software allows users to use both manual and automatic billing, set up automatic card payments and recurring invoices, accept online payments, and send invoices. Wave offers a free app that can be installed on Android or iOS and enables users to access invoices and accept bank and credit card payments (https://www.creditcardsforbadcredit.ca/neo-financial-secured-credit-card-and-money-account/). Mobile invoicing is handy in that it allows users to send payment receipts and invoice reminders, check whether invoices are paid, overdue, viewed, or sent, receive payment notifications, and create invoices. Enhanced capabilities allow professionals to use the Guest collaborator feature, create automatic reports, and track expenses. The mobile expense tracking app allows users to scan receipts, track expenses, and review receipts.

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Focals by North

These smart glasses are equipped with a holographic display that enables users to view reminders and calendars, follow directions, and receive messages. Users get notifications such as sports scores, Uber notifications, Apple News alerts, Slack, email, and text notifications, the weather, and date and time. The glasses feature water-repellant and scratch-resistant coating, UV protection, and anti-reflective coating.

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This platform offers visitors the chance to connect with wider audiences and share their stories. Users can choose from different genres, including romance, poetry, paranormal, historical fiction, science fiction. The platform also features writing contests, programs and opportunities, and resources. Wattpad also offers an app that allows users to share their stories, connect and communicate with writers and readers, and read stories. The app is compatible with iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and supports multiple languages, including Italian, Indonesian, Hebrew, French, and English.

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