Opportunities for innovators today and tomorrow

Global leaders will explore how the energy sector can transition to a lower carbon future and the opportunities that exist for innovators who can help the sector meet decarbonization goals.



Advancing innovation around the world

What solutions have been effective in driving clean technology innovation around the world? Can we apply lessons from other jurisdictions to find complete solutions that will advance technology more quickly in Alberta and Canada?


What does the marketplace want?

What clean tech challenges are confronting Alberta’s biggest industry sectors? How can the research and innovation community better understand and address market needs?


Where money and ideas meet

What are the new, innovative funding approaches under development and how we can leverage global efforts to fund clean tech in Alberta?

* Program schedule is subject to change.


Stream: Opportunities for innovators

Finding the sweet spot for your technology
How do you find the right market/fit for a new technology? When is it time to change course?

Carbon conversion technologies and opportunities for Alberta to lead
What are some of the leading carbon conversion technologies that will move us toward Alberta and world climate change goals? Where are the opportunities for researchers and innovators as Alberta advances development of these technologies?

Exploring solutions for transforming the power grid
What policy and technical barriers need to be addressed to transform Alberta’s power grid and maximize adoption of renewable energy and other technologies that can reduce GHG emissions? Where do co-firing technologies, material switching and co-gen fit into the electricity system? Where are the best opportunities for researchers and innovators?

Exploring cleantech directions—state of the industry in Alberta
This panel of experts will share their views, perspectives and learnings from the latest survey results and their participation in the 2018 Cleantech Directions Report, which focuses on advancing innovation in Alberta.

Stream: Building and financing innovation

Financing and funding models to commercialize technology
How can innovators access funding to optimize and commercialize technology once it has been proven at the demonstration scale?

Governments as customers for innovation
How can you target governments as a first market or first customer for new technology? What are governments looking for and where are the best opportunities?

Policy driving innovation
How is Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan creating opportunities for complementary programs that support climate goals? What opportunities are there for innovators as a result of policy initiatives, like the oilsands GHG emissions limit and output-based allocations?

Accessing funds to scale up technology in Canada’s oilsands
Given the magnitude of investment required to scale up GHG-reducing technologies in Canada’s oilsands, how can researchers and innovators advance technologies for the sector? How can innovators de-risk technology for the oilsands? Why are some technologies able to attract investment and scale up?

Stream: Growing a clean tech business

Digital solutions for advancing clean technology
Why are data, sensors and other measurement tools the next big thing in meeting GHG emission reduction and other environmental targets? How are they being applied?

Breaking down barriers to adopt new technologies
What are the pinch points or bottlenecks that slow the development and adoption of new technologies and what are the solutions?

Building a stronger business
Advancing innovative technology requires tremendous attention and sometimes the business side of your operations needs additional support. How do you know when it is time to bring in help from the outside? How soon do you need to start looking for your first customer? How do you determine when it’s time to start looking for funding?

Gaining public acceptance for new technologies
Innovation is not always readily accepted. What are some approaches companies have taken to garner public acceptance for new technologies or business practices they have developed or introduced?

Stream: Biological resource optimization

Methane solutions
What are some of the leading technologies to address methane emissions and where are the best opportunities for Alberta’s innovators to advance technologies that will have a growing global market?

What’s new in biomaterials, biochemicals and bioenergy
What are the new biomaterial, biochemical and bioenergy products and technologies, and how can they provide an environmental benefit?

Biological solutions for transportation products, policy and the future
What are the policies or incentives that have been successful in encouraging a move to lower carbon transportation fuels?

Technology development to measure and enhance sustainability in biological systems
What technologies can be used to measure or enhance sustainable practices in biological systems?

Stream: Technical presentations

Theme 1: Reducing GHG footprint from fossil fuels

Theme 2: Industrial processes and energy efficiency

Theme 3: Bioindustrial development and biological GHG emissions

Theme 4: Low-emitting electricity supply